Keeping our communities clean and sustainable is a shared responsibility, and at Canadian Empire Recycling, we’re dedicated to making it easy for residents across British Columbia to contribute. But with varying schedules and regulations depending on location, understanding garbage pickup in BC can feel overwhelming. Fear not! This blog will be your comprehensive guide to navigating the ins and outs of waste disposal in BC.

Understanding Your Local Regulations:

The first step to responsible garbage disposal in BC knows your local rules. Each municipality in BC has its own regulations for collection days, sorting requirements, and acceptable waste materials. To find your specific guidelines, visit your city or district’s official website or app. Most websites offer clear information on collection schedules, what goes in each bin, and what to do with bulky items.

Common Collection Schedules:

While specific schedules vary, most residential garbage pickup in BC occurs once or twice a week, usually on designated days. Some areas may have separate days for garbage, recycling, and organics collection, while others combine all three into one weekly pickup. Remember to check your local regulations for exact dates and times.

Sorting Your Waste:

Proper sorting is crucial for efficient waste management and environmental protection. Most municipalities in BC have a three-bin system:

  • Green Bin: This is for organic waste, such as food scraps, yard trimmings, and coffee grounds. Organic waste is composted into nutrient-rich soil amendment, reducing landfill dependence.
  • Blue Bin: This is for recyclable materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic containers, and glass. Recycling conserves resources and reduces our reliance on virgin materials.
  • Black Bin: This is for non-recyclable and non-organic waste, such as general garbage, packaging, and hygiene products. Minimize your black bin waste to promote sustainability.

Additional Services:

Several municipalities in BC offer additional services for specific waste types, including:

  • Bulky item pickup: Schedule a special collection for large items like furniture and appliances, often for a small fee.
  • Yard waste collection: Some areas offer separate yard waste pickup during specific seasons.
  • Hazardous waste collection: Drop off hazardous materials like batteries, paint, and electronics at designated depots for proper disposal.

Canadian Empire Recycling: Your Sustainable Partner:

At Canadian Empire Recycling, we go above and beyond to simplify waste management commercial in Surrey and promote sustainable practices. We offer convenient and efficient waste collection services for residential and commercial customers, ensuring your waste is handled responsibly. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond collection, as we invest in innovative technologies and programs to maximize resource recovery and minimize Surrey’s environmental impact.

By working together, we can create a cleaner and greener BC. Remember, responsible waste disposal starts with understanding your local regulations, sorting your waste properly, and utilizing the resources available in your community. And when in doubt, Canadian Empire Recycling is always here to help!

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