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Responsible and Efficient Drywall Disposal Solutions

Canadian Empire Recycling stands as your trusted partner for drywall disposal services in BC. Our specialized service goes beyond mere removal; it’s rooted in responsible handling, tailored to the type of drywall involved. Whether it’s brand new drywall with the potential for repurposing or drywall produced before 1990 with the added awareness of asbestos concerns, we execute each step of the process with meticulous attention to safety, stringent compliance with regulations, and unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices.
For brand new drywall, our seasoned experts meticulously assess its condition, seeking opportunities for recycling or repurposing whenever possible. This proactive stance significantly reduces waste and lessens the environmental impact, aligning seamlessly with our unwavering commitment to sustainability.
In the case of drywall produced before 1990, our focus sharpens on safety and regulatory compliance due to the potential presence of asbestos. Our dedicated team adheres to rigorous guidelines, prioritizing the careful handling and disposal of asbestos-containing materials. Each step is executed with precision, from the secure packaging in 6 mil clear certified bags to the double-bagging process. These measures align seamlessly with the stringent rules and regulations set forth by WorkSafe. This meticulous approach not only safeguards against potential health hazards but also actively promotes a safer and more environmentally conscious construction industry.

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Disposing of Brand New Drywall

Brand new drywall, a fundamental construction material, possesses untapped potential. At Canadian Empire Recycling, we value this resource and prioritize responsible management. When we encounter brand new drywall in excellent condition, we embark on a mission to prevent it from becoming waste. Instead, we actively seek opportunities for its recycling or repurposing, effectively extending its usability and reducing the strain on natural resources.
In adopting this proactive approach, our aim transcends mere landfill space-saving. It’s a conscious effort to make a positive impact on the environment. By consistently exploring avenues for recycling or repurposing brand new drywall, we substantially decrease waste and alleviate the environmental toll linked with producing new construction materials.
Our commitment to sustainability isn’t a mere statement; it’s a tangible pledge. We believe that each step counts in preserving our planet. Recycling and repurposing brand new drywall exemplify this commitment, as they contribute to conserving precious resources, mitigating energy consumption, and fostering an environmentally responsible construction industry. Canadian Empire Recycling is more than a waste disposal service; we’re an active catalyst for sustainable practices in construction. Together, we can usher in an era of minimized waste, maximized resource utilization, and a greener and more eco-conscious future for all.

Handling Drywall Produced Before 1990

Drywall produced before 1990 may contain asbestos, a hazardous material. We take stringent precautions to ensure safe disposal:

  • Bagging and Sealing: Asbestos-containing drywall is placed in 6 mil clear certified bags and sealed with a goose neck secured with duct tape.
  • Weight Limit: Each bag is carefully weighed to ensure it does not exceed 15 kg, in compliance with safety regulations.
  • Double Bagging: We double bag the asbestos-containing drywall to provide an extra layer of protection.
  • Safety Regulations: Our process adheres to the rules and regulations set by WorkSafe and other relevant authorities to guarantee the safety of our workers and the environment
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